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5 Advantages of having a company website

11 November 2016

1. Accessibility

Websites are up 24 hours a day, with exceptions of maintenance periods, which are very scarce. Other advertising media require potential clients to be at the right place, at the right time, to see your advert. Even then, it happens that a potential clients doesn't have enough time to capture your contact details (we've all experienced this).

2. Affordability

Think of billboards, radio broadcasts, television commercials etc. A small business would never be able to advertise on these platforms due to the costs involved. In fact, advertising on these platforms could actually cost more than the business makes. Now, getting a website for your company for a mere R1300 once-off fee with Opticorp can allow you to advertise your product/service and only renew your domain once per annum for around R100, and top up your hosting fees at around R40 per month. No other platform apart from the Internet advertise your company for fees that are as low as this.

3. Contact Information

You're listening to the radio and a product you like is suddenly advertised. The business then gives their phone number and you write it down on a piece of paper. Later in the month when you have money, you decide to make that call but you cannot find that piece of paper with your phone number. Ever experienced this? A lot of people would agree. With websites, your forms are constantly online. How and when you decide to respond is completely up to you. We at Opticorp do not advise late responses to potential clients. We are merely demonstrating how small business have a choice of how their potential clients can contact them.

4. Flexibility

Don't like how your website layout or colours look? Simply change it for a small fee. Want users to change the theme colour of your website based on how they want it to look? Simply add a panel of colours for them to choose from. Websites are digital, which makes them changeable based on your requirements as an entrepreneur. Sometimes you feel like amending the wording on your website, and this is easily achievable.

5. Potentially large audience

The Internet is accessible for free(apart from data costs) throughout the World. Connecting your website to social media pages and vice versa, increases your audience and allows people to have a look at the products/services you provide any time. With the help of Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising etc, your website's audience can grow exponentially.

These are 5 simple reasons to get a website for your small business. We live in an information age where information is easily accessible. Opticorp has a 6 page website sale for November. Be sure to fill in our form and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.